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Come Clean Right Now

by Lung

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Conan Neutron
Conan Neutron thumbnail
Conan Neutron The mighty Lung do it again! Doing more with Cello, Drums and voice than most bands can ever hope for. Come Clean Right Now is another rock solid collection of songs that are well written, well performed and well recorded running a variety of moods. From delicate to extremely heavy, another banger from one of the hardest working bands out there. A top of the year, essential. Favorite track: I'm Nervous.
Jessie thumbnail
Jessie I saw this duo's electrifying performance at Romanus Fest 2019, and I've been following them since then - it really stuck with me. This album captures their driving momentum and sardonic groove. Favorite track: I'm Nervous.
sudden organ
sudden organ thumbnail
sudden organ I listened to half of the first song and hit stop. Because I won't listen to the rest until it's on my porch and I let it play through the speakers. Then I'll go mobile with it. ๐Ÿ”Š๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ”Š๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ”ŠโœŒ๐Ÿผ Favorite track: Come Clean Right Now.
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Give me a sign of what you're wasting Give me your eyes come child for saving Give me your crimes give me your anger I am your God come to my manger Drink the sweetness Drink the blood of what you know You are mine You're a shadow You are one with what you own Come clean right now wash you all over I am your God we'll lie in clover I know your thoughts I know your story Come clean right now we'll burn in glory Ring around the rose
Sorry 02:43
No I don't owe you Don't owe you anything at all Now I'm all bled out from all your lying Now I don't know you I'm a ghost to where you've gone I'm a stranger done with trying And you never really said you're sorry And you never were the best at being wrong And you thought I never saw all the little flaws in your story So I always played along Always changing masks to play the part But now the crowd is gone no one left watching Now we're actors trading faces fo the win But it's all over yeah I'm tired of smiling Oh come undone Your tongue's on fire and nobody's listening Oh come undone They'll tear the walls down and say what you've gone missing Oh come undone They'll shoot the messenger booing and hissing And you can't just hold the roof up When your whole world's caving in
I get so angry that it hurts But then say everything's just fine I get enraged by ticking days And watch the second hand unwind And it's a joke to mock my luck When there is so much trouble I can't begin to wake up make up this Feels like my feet are hanging from a rocky cliff But nothing moves and all our arms are stiff And we don't wanna stumble down I used to love to have control Feel like the day was in my grip I used to love to have control Turns out illusion is a bitch I cry out to the hollow skies And ask for rain to follow
Sugar Pill 02:16
Knew that you were there the whole time but didn't know that you were waiting for some word or something else to be found that we knew you wouldn't find You used to leave your house with a gun with some sick thought that you'd be saving someone else but honey we both know well that you'd only be saving yourself How inviting with your best dress on How inviting with your sugar water Later on so proud you always thought we were the right ones right? We used to be so big in our boots to notice anything wrong You always had this look on your face that was so smug like you were baiting some wild cut And yeah I didn't know what but I knew I'd play along How inviting with your best dress dawned Wars worth fighting with the TV on So inviting with you su-gar-wa-ter It's enough find another generator It's enough just find another mouth to kill Only blue skies when I'm not wrong Only bright eyes when I'm head strong It's all over put your gloves on It's all over Only laughing till I'm in bed Only laughing till we're all dead
Air 02:43 video
Paralyzed Frozen sound I dreamt I found the disappearing ground Liquid blue Drift away I never was afraid to love you I need you more than water It takes more than earth to keep me down I need you need you harder I never was afraid to touch the ground Serpentine Held too close I never want your arms to let me go You say love Slips away I never was afraid to love you And the days are long And the nights to short Serpentine I need to feel your heartbeat next to mine What you know Drifts away I never was afraid to love you Racing pulse pull me in The quicksand couldn't keep me from your lips You are silk on my skin I dreamt I was afraid of falling
Tick Tock 02:34
I can feel you when you're asleep at night I already hear you I make it go Tick tock I know who's watching you Tick tock I feel who's in the room Tick tock I know who's watching you And I can't turn back time I like you better when you are disengaged I like to be near you I make it go
Landlocked 02:25
I guess it's better luck next time It smells like spring in the air and I wanna run away I guess it's better luck next time She's on her knees but just not for me Pedals on delay And I don't wanna be just a girl who is landlocked from trying But I will feel everything if you feel anything I want the sweetest dysfunction I need your skin and electric touch screaming through my mind It's just a mess of hot wires baby Give me your mess of hot wires Chemicals on the ride Is there anything you want me to know? Press your skin to mind but yeah I'd die to be closer Press you lips to mine but yeah I'd die to be close Give me something that I really wanna Is there anything you want me to know? Press your lips to mine yeah I'd die to be closer Press your lips to mine yeah I'd die to be close Give me something that I really wanna
Sun God 03:14 video
Jealousy bleeds hot upon my fingertips I cannot breathe in all that I am not Liquid days play nauseous on a tightrope Tightening my grip I cling to what I have sought I am in the gelatin of morning I am mourning time as the time is lost Feel the straw hat minute that was bought From a man who had promised You more than he had got Rewind distort your dear robot mind Give all your color and daylight You are alone in this room and you do not wish to go In the light we laugh at what we dream of In the dark you cry to your sunken Gods We are made from splinters of their chess boards Wallowing on broken glass of everything's that not Watch the sand man sleeping in the next room Shall I bury you shall you bury me Watch the eyes of every passing thought I am echoing and echoing all that I've forgot All of the arms Stretching for sky Hypnotized on the rope that we lie And all the lip Fall down to ground When all the beckoning silence drowns I see the world is filled with senseless beauty I wish to magnify this sweetness fully
Green 03:25
It is simple it is clean a different kind of way the world could be But we are just a dream here we are just a dream I want to make a better world The nearest airports all shut down Place your best bets on the horses Place your best bets on all the smoke and mirrors Cause baby it all will be gone Three sleepwalkers all dropped down Don't you love the disappointment It's impossible to know what to do when there's not enough worms in the ground Did you ever even know what you had wanted? They are knocking on the door Place your money in the floorboards You know It won't keep you warm in a future that wants us out of it They are knocking on the walls While we prayed for revolution Find the exit in a world that's a play where there's not enough oxygen I watch moths on street lamps Screaming to be close to what they're yearning for all along It was a joke it was a match that was just turned And it all just circles back To a time when bombs were laughing On the radio that was far away and we weren't even listening And it all just circles round I was angry but the truth is This salt water that we're drinking's polluted and we are the salt in it Drink salt water flush it down
Bring me night she enters the room in a wash of cold she lays out the empty sky Bring me stone to weight down my eyes it's enough to feel the body of heavy quiet When the world weeps I can't sleep at night Feel the shuddered walls are flickering Watch the rivers that bleed into light Go wish go leave no desire Find the echo god freeze me with golden fire Start to move the answers are stowed and the morning moans, "just let the old wind blow" When the world weeps I can't sleep at night feel the shuddered walls are flickering watch the rivers that bleed into light It was different it was glittering It is lost beyond finding I can't Can't buy back happiness Take back the time Then trade the hours till the day has run dry Can't find you meaning in Cold flesh and home sweet home she lowers her lips It's an empty guess hanging on one sweet kiss
Morning 02:10
Can't retrace the hours replace the eyes make all the thoughts rewind Face grows into to grass flowers to sky and all the minutes lie empty as the day And the morning light shatters on but the world seems colder now that you're gone time just plays to win Down in the wall where evening sleeps she knows where air moves backwards steep ashes to earth ashes to name And quietly spring opens her wings hold me as time moves faster sing out like the birds screaming for day
Arrow 03:06
Melodies start again hours are lost refrains melodies start with lips hanging on your name Your body is warm now pressed along my spine My body is yours now you're mine Give me love give me darkness as the fates keep changing hands as the strange world surround us keep my heart from sleeping Catch myself watching you sweetness so immense Catch myself wanting you but nothing else makes sense Lines on my forehead seem to mark the time Time is all yours now you're mine And the earth keeps on turning each day faster than the rest Keep me here in this moment keep my small heart burning When our days are all over but the stars keep shining through feel the wind start to sing how I will always be with you


Lung's third album, 'Come Clean Right Now', is available for preorder. Written throughout the pandemic, this record was a new venture in songwriting for Kate Wakefield and Daisy Caplan. Instead of being able to write on tour or in between the traveling, the duo traded song files they recorded themselves and eventually brought the mixes together. The final product was a record that's diverse yet complimentary to their debut and sophomore albums. Order yours today!


released August 20, 2021

Kate Wakefield - vocals, cello
Daisy Caplan - drums
Paige Beller - vocals on "Wave"
Written March - May 2020
Recorded June 2020 by John Hoffman at Hamilton County Youth Prevention Center
Mixed by Mike Montgomery at Candyland Recording Studio
Mastered by Carl Saff
Photography and Design by Rachelle Caplan


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Lung Cincinnati, Ohio

Powerhouse art-punk cello-rock duo Lung have a sound that is dark and commanding, evoking the driving sludge of early grunge with layered sinister undertones. The band is Kate Wakefield, a classically trained opera singer and cellist, and drummer Daisy Caplan, formerly of Foxy Shazam, Babe Rage, and Ayin. ... more


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